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    Hyperadrenocorticism: A common hormonal imbalance in senior dogs
    Believe it or not, my handsome Doberman Pinscher Neo was nine years old when he had his very first urine accident in the house! He’d been perfectly housetrained as a puppy, and he remained perfectly housetrained since then. So I immediately knew something was wrong, and we made a trip to the veterinary clinic so I could run a few tests.
    Like people and cats, dogs can become diabetic, too
    Some middle-aged, senior, or obese dogs develop diabetes. Diabetic dogs don’t produce enough insulin, or they produce it but can’t adequately respond to it. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps cells properly use glucose, which is sugar supplied primarily by carbohydrates in food that helps power the body.
    Judging pet foods
    A dizzying array of pet foods are available in grocery stores, pet supply stores, and pet food boutiques. Many of these pet diets are high-quality foods backed by nutritional research and quality control testing. But some may not be! Not all pet food makers have a high level of nutritional expertise and quality control. And while some pet foods may be just as nutritionally sound as other foods, they may be priced out of reach, perhaps only because they include tiny amounts of ingredients that sound tasty to you, yet they add no nutritional value for your pet. So how do you assess which options are right for your pets and your budget
    Will a new dog help my senior dog feel young again?
    Adopting a new furry friend could be a good thing! IF your senior dog would be amenable, and IF a new addition would not bring undue stress—for your grey muzzle buddy OR for you!
    Do senior dogs need vaccinations?
    Pet parents often ask me whether their dog needs to continue to receive booster vaccinations throughout their senior years. Find out what I think...
    Senior dog safety during seizures
    Leanr about how to keep your dog safe during a seizure.