Grey Muzzle App

Grey Muzzle Quality of Life Calendar
App for the iPhone & ANDROID

Many pet parents struggle with knowing when is time to say goodbye to their faithful friend or when their pet's quality of life is still okay.

There are a variety of tools to help you and the pet's entire family evaluate quality of life. One tool developed by Lap of Love is the first app to journal your pet's days on your iPhone/iPad and Android.

Simply download the Grey Muzzle application from the app store and create your pet's profile. Then everyday mark if your pet had a good day, bad day or neutral day. This way you can keep track of those bad days. You should mentally prepare yourself for when your pet has more bad days than good and speak to your veterinarian about intervention. Or you may decide as a family that if your pet has 30% bad days, that it is appropriate to say goodbye. The quality of life can be different based on the disease the pet is struggling with, the pet's personality and the families beliefs and abilities to care for their pet during this time.

The Grey Muzzle application has a calendar so you can visualize the month at a glance as well as a summary page to see a pie chart of your pet's progress. It is simple to use and free!

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